Back to Old School

I love seeing old school coordinates when I scroll through pages like ‘Closet of Frills’ on Facebook. Although I was never really ‘there’, I find myself feeling a bit nostalgic, maybe because that was my first vision of what Lolita fashion is but anyway, I love that it’s coming back into fashion.

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I love the black x white coords but I also love the simplicity of old school Sweet Lolita and got inspired to make some simple bow headbands in pink and sax.

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Having said that… I kind of want to see OTT sweet come back too. Split wigs, crazy deco… you know the one!

If we could only have one true form of Sweet Lolita, which would you rather, old school or OTT?

Trend Report – Braids, braids, braids!

It’s all about Dutch and French braids this S/S17 and I love it! There is so much you can do with them, they can be as edgy as they can be prim.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Dutch & French Braids

Dior’s Ditch braids are at the back of the head and give an urban feel while Emporio Armani’s double French braids have a traditional, girlish charm.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Dutch & French Braids

I personally love the Jeans Refugees braids. They’ve such a lovely Elven look! Am I the only one feeling a Lord of the Rings vibe?

Having expressed my love for braids, I had my hair cut. There will be no braids for me.

Bunnies aren’t just for Easter!

Since it’s Easter, we’d like to share an old bunny ear headband we made for a client to wear with this print because bunnies aren’t just for Easter!



 This was our first commission which involved ears. First we did a sketch and made the framework using wire and florist tape to secure it.

 The ear shapes were then covered in cotton with a lace trim.

Other embellishments were added once the ears were sturdy including satin bows, foam roses, blue sprays and resin flowers. The back also features bows an the headband itself is wrapped in cotton lace.


Happy Easter!

Throwback – Fabric Flowers

Welcome to ‘Throwback Thursday’ where we share some of our old makes!

After Midnight was born while I was away on my year in industry and during my year in Belfast I learnt a lot of things in regard to design, making and crafting. One of the things I really enjoyed making were flowers. I learnt to make them at my first placement with bridal designer Lizzie Agnew and continue to make them for myself.

Image may contain: flower and plant

Image may contain: flower

These were made using raw silk and faux pearl beads and they were surprisingly relaxing to stitch! Pretty things are good but pretty things that you can wear are even better so I made a headband.

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This silk flower and lace wrapped headband is possibly one of my daintiest makes!

The Most Expensive Chinese Series

Those who are familiar with us will know that we’re called ‘After Midnight’ because that’s when I feel most creative and those who know me personally will also know that I like to work with something on in the background.

While working on a beret, I’ve recently started ‘re-watching’ The Empress of China and can I just express how in love I am with the costumes and hair accessories? They are AMAZING!!! Grab a drink and get comfy while I share 5 of my favourite costumes/ accessories worn by fan Bingbing as Wu Ruyi/ Wu Meiniang/ Wu Zetien.

E58b #5 Imperial library – Lots of kanzashi flowers in the drama, I especially liked these from the early days.

(Q. Where did kanzashi come from? Were they an accessory of the Tang Dynasty or did the Tang court get it from Japan? I would like to know.)

Ca2d #4 I don’t care as much for her hair accessories here but I love the costume and this scene with the chrysanthemum is one of my favourites.

Image result for empress of china fan bingbing #3 The colour scheme is so pretty and I love how grand and excessively luxurious this look is.

 #2 This is definitely one of her simpler looks, I love the colour and how flowy this costume is and that the flower in her hair matches.

7c02 #1 While not the prettiest, this is my favourite look and to me, the most iconic look. This is the moment she becomes Empress and this look really shows it. I love the red and gold and how powerful this look is.

Even if you don’t care much for Chinese dramas, you should watch this for the eye candy.

This drama gives me cravings for traditional Chinese clothing and fancy headgear, every time I watch an episode of this I feel and urge to make and on that note, I will get back to buying materials.

Trend Report – Big Bows!

Welcome to out Tuesday trend report fixture where we’ll look at what’s going to be all the rage as far as your head is concerned!

S/S17 – Big Bows

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hair Accessory Trends: Big BowsSpring/ Summer 2017 celebrates the elaborate use of big bows, styled in a girlish yet dramatic way, giving a look that is feminine yet bold. Gucci’s model wears a large, structured satin bow right in the centre, just atop the forehead and is possibly one of the bolder, more severe looks while Dolce & Gabbana’s looks are significantly softer.

While I’m not the biggest fan of crazy head eating bows (don’t get me wrong, I like big bows on other people, just not on my own head), I do love that bows are going to be big in a big way!


Here’s a range of bows we’ve previously made, four of which were commissioned. The purple organza bow is one of my all time favourites!

bow selection



Last August we vended at the Tea Party Club’s 9th Anniversary event ‘Wicked and Whimsy’ where we met lots of amazing and inspirational designer makers and beautifully dressed individuals who might I add, were all highly creative!

Vending at this event was a big learning curve for me in many ways. It taught me that I need to manage my time better (let’s face it, I probably shouldn’t have gone on holiday and come back two days before the event), prioritise (the gluing can come last), do my market research and plan ahead (there were some lovely gothic lolitas that wanted black roses, I’d bought my stock in the summer…), my glue gun is my best friend and that it’s okay to ask for help! I’m always reminded of how lucky I am to have amazing friends who will always be there for me and support me!

Overall I had a great time at ‘Wicked and Whimsy’ and it was lovely to meet people I’d made things for previously via Facebook and Etsy – thank you for loving my creations!

The Tea Party Club Lolita London by Catberry Photography

But what is #teamnaked all about? For someone who can organise stock, materials and projects, I’m not very good at organising myself. For a long time I didn’t know if I wanted to be #teamwicked or #teamwhimsy. I picked a side in the end ^__~


If you’re interested in our headbands, we currently have some one sale!
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