Flower Power

Back in ‘Flowers fo’ days!’ we shared the process of making our flower crown commission. Today we’re here to share some photos of the final product!

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We really enjoyed working on this commission! It’s on it’s way to America and really hope our client loves her flower crown and veil!

Thank you for commissioning us!


Flowers fo’ days!

Today I started working on a commission and thought it might be nice to share some work in progress photos!

No automatic alt text available. It all starts off with a simple sketch. Once the client is happy, I make a custom listing on Etsy. I am also happy to take commissions via our Facebook.

After the payment is received, I start buying in the materials needed and get to work!

flower crown wip 1I made the base an inch bigger to allow for the inner measurement changing after all the extra wire and veil are on. It can always be trimmed back down if needs be.

flower crown wip 2 Preventing runaway flower heads!

flower crown wip 3 Crown in progress!

flower crown wip 4 Close up of some of the flowers

 Bonus flowers selfie!

So that’s what we’ve been up to this afternoon in a nutshell! What have you been doing on this super sunny day?


After the rain is a clear sky

And for me, that means a good day for photographing my products! While I love bright natural light and sunny days for outdoor photography, I find that sometimes it can be too bright for product photos and I get a bit or glare on certain colours. My favourite condition to photograph my stuff in is on fairly clear days after it’s been raining, usually in a room upstairs with a big window.

Enough about how I like to photograph things, time to look at the goods!

SONY DSC Ta-da! Berets!

SONY DSC Magical Girl beret – £20

SONY DSC Misty Sky beret – £20

SONY DSC Melty Chocolate beret – £20

Message us on Facebook – only one of each and all embellishments are hand stitched!

Bullet Motivation

So having this bullet journal and colour coded ‘to do list’ has been really good for me. The visual nature of it really appeals to me and i love that I can colour things in once I’ve done them!

No automatic alt text available. I’ve been pretty productive (mostly for the sake of getting to colour the check box in) this week! I’ve started looking at price quotes for my new berets – I’m trying to get a good deal so I don’t have to amp up the prices for my customers too much.

The fun part was designing the new berets! Here are my first collection of designs. I probably won’t make ALL of these since I don’t have the budget at the moment but I thought it’s nice to show what I can potentially make should someone want to put in a custom order.

Getting Organised

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I’ve always wanted to get on board with bullet journals so today I decided it was time to FINALLY get my sh*t together and get organised!

I’ve broken it up into months so I can see what’s going on. It’s all even colour coded, I feel so adult!

No automatic alt text available.

I’ve not got the rest of my work days on there yet but I’m sure I’ve at least 12 solid days of making/ crafting/ organising in there!

We’re on week 2 at the moment, organising everything is one thing, let’s see if I can get everything done and ticked off!

Wish me luck!

Bank Holiday Beret

Oh dear, I’m not very good at keeping on top of this blogging business am I?

A couple of posts ago I shared some inspiration for berets and if you follow us on Facebook, you’ll have have seen my progress from Beret Meet.

Image may contain: food I decided to go with a melty chocolate design. Three hours of sewing and good company later, I didn’t manage to finish stitching my design. Maybe I do need locking in by myself when I’m making to be quicker!

Anyway, I finally finished my beret over the weekend and shared the finished thing on our Facebook and Instagram today!

No automatic alt text available. Sadly I don’t have any chocolate themed things to wear it with so maybe this cutie will make it’s way over to our Etsy in a few days time.

But anyway, ta-da! What do you guys think?


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Trend Report – Floral

Though florals for S/S isn’t anything groundbreaking, this season seems to encourage the notion of ‘go big, or go home’ with designers option for statement rather than natural looks.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hair Accessory Trends: Floral Hair Accessories

I love the mixture of textures on the Dolce & Gabbana model to the left but my favourite here is this flower crown by Desigual. I love that it is meant to be a big statement piece and has no intentions whatsoever of being natural.

How about one of our rose headbands for a softer take on the trend? Available in a range of colours, our headbands are made with luxury foam roses with optional embellishments with a satin ribbon wrapped band.

Image may contain: one or more people Image may contain: one or more people Image may contain: one or more people

Visit our Etsy for the current collection – grab a bargain while our sale is still on!