Last August we vended at the Tea Party Club’s 9th Anniversary event ‘Wicked and Whimsy’ where we met lots of amazing and inspirational designer makers and beautifully dressed individuals who might I add, were all highly creative!

Vending at this event was a big learning curve for me in many ways. It taught me that I need to manage my time better (let’s face it, I probably shouldn’t have gone on holiday and come back two days before the event), prioritise (the gluing can come last), do my market research and plan ahead (there were some lovely gothic lolitas that wanted black roses, I’d bought my stock in the summer…), my glue gun is my best friend and that it’s okay to ask for help! I’m always reminded of how lucky I am to have amazing friends who will always be there for me and support me!

Overall I had a great time at ‘Wicked and Whimsy’ and it was lovely to meet people I’d made things for previously via Facebook and Etsy – thank you for loving my creations!

The Tea Party Club Lolita London by Catberry Photography

But what is #teamnaked all about? For someone who can organise stock, materials and projects, I’m not very good at organising myself. For a long time I didn’t know if I wanted to be #teamwicked or #teamwhimsy. I picked a side in the end ^__~


If you’re interested in our headbands, we currently have some one sale!
Check out our Etsy to see the range!


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