50 Shades of Pink

Last weekend I went out to a picnic meet in Leeds and the weather was surprisingly good! This was possibly the most organised and punctual meet I’ve ever witnessed. We managed to leave bang on 1pm (I was the last to arrive with a few seconds to spare) and we had an amazing range of food and even plates, napkins and a bin bag! Well done Leeds and thank you for a fun and relaxing meet with cute/ yummy food, GLBs, funny print charades and overall good banter!

Nothing shouts picnic like gingham right? Yeah, that’s what I thought! It’s time to whip out the ol’ gingham and strawberry print by Emily Temple Cute. I was also really excited to wear the strawberry socks I got in Yata while i was in HK but they were a lot lighter than my JSK. Failing to match the dress, I made a bow in *almost* the same shade and some felt strawberry brooches to tie in the print. Everything else is taobao/ offbrand/ Ebay.

picnic coord

So perhaps the title is dramatic, there aren’t REALLY 50 shades of pink on me but getting your pinks to match is a hard job and one that I failed at. I tried.

Which colours do you struggle to match?


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