Bank Holiday Browsing

As a child, I loved Bank Holidays! I would go to the market with my family to look around and my favourite was always that little stall that sold hair clips. My Bank Holiday perk was getting a new pair of fun hair clips and on occasion I’d get more than one pair!

Last Bank Holiday I went out to the market for the first time in a long time, hoping to get a sense of nostalgia. In reality the market just wasn’t what it used to be and there was no hair clip stall. Truth be told, that stall was probably gone a long, long time ago.

Today I saved myself the disappointment, choosing instead to do some browsing for craft materials! I really need to get some new roses in for headbands and maybe even brooches and barrettes. I might even get some very small ones to make clips and hair pins, you know, for nostalgia.

So here’s a look at the colours I’ve picked out!


While I love all of these colours, I probably don’t need and won’t buy all of them. Narrowing them down is the hard part!

Why don’t you help me out, which colours would you most like to have for a headband?


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