Inspo Time!

Isn’t it a lovely day? We’re getting way more sun than I expected but with nice weather comes early hayfever… that part isn’t so nice.


I’m the host for Beret Meet next weekend so now is a good time to make an inspiration board to get everyone and myself thinking before I finish buying materials next week.

beret inspo Images from Pinterest

I love the embroidered goldfish but my embroidery skills are definitely not there! The melty chocolate design is also very sweet.

Which is your favourite?


Bank Holiday Browsing

As a child, I loved Bank Holidays! I would go to the market with my family to look around and my favourite was always that little stall that sold hair clips. My Bank Holiday perk was getting a new pair of fun hair clips and on occasion I’d get more than one pair!

Last Bank Holiday I went out to the market for the first time in a long time, hoping to get a sense of nostalgia. In reality the market just wasn’t what it used to be and there was no hair clip stall. Truth be told, that stall was probably gone a long, long time ago.

Today I saved myself the disappointment, choosing instead to do some browsing for craft materials! I really need to get some new roses in for headbands and maybe even brooches and barrettes. I might even get some very small ones to make clips and hair pins, you know, for nostalgia.

So here’s a look at the colours I’ve picked out!


While I love all of these colours, I probably don’t need and won’t buy all of them. Narrowing them down is the hard part!

Why don’t you help me out, which colours would you most like to have for a headband?

50 Shades of Pink

Last weekend I went out to a picnic meet in Leeds and the weather was surprisingly good! This was possibly the most organised and punctual meet I’ve ever witnessed. We managed to leave bang on 1pm (I was the last to arrive with a few seconds to spare) and we had an amazing range of food and even plates, napkins and a bin bag! Well done Leeds and thank you for a fun and relaxing meet with cute/ yummy food, GLBs, funny print charades and overall good banter!

Nothing shouts picnic like gingham right? Yeah, that’s what I thought! It’s time to whip out the ol’ gingham and strawberry print by Emily Temple Cute. I was also really excited to wear the strawberry socks I got in Yata while i was in HK but they were a lot lighter than my JSK. Failing to match the dress, I made a bow in *almost* the same shade and some felt strawberry brooches to tie in the print. Everything else is taobao/ offbrand/ Ebay.

picnic coord

So perhaps the title is dramatic, there aren’t REALLY 50 shades of pink on me but getting your pinks to match is a hard job and one that I failed at. I tried.

Which colours do you struggle to match?

Double Carbs

Yesterday was essentially a food day. I went on a date to Betty’s in York and enjoyed lots of carbs – all pasta dishes should come with potatoes. Well done Betty’s!

We’re not a food blog but I want to show you what I’ve been eating (because it was AMAZING!) before I talk about accessories.

Image may contain: food Swiss Alpine Macaroni

Image may contain: dessert and food Strawberry Cheesecake with berries and sauce

Does that look amazing or does that look amazing?!

Alright, let’s talk about accessories!

Image may contain: 1 person, selfie and closeup

The bows and necklace are made by myself and the ring by Twinkle Kitty.  I go this ring from Twinkle Kitty at Yorkshire Cosplay Con. Visit their Etsy for more cute accessories.

cream02.jpg A better picture of the clips

No automatic alt text available. Close up of jewellery

Dreamy Fawn Cameo Necklace

Our Dreamy Fawn is part of our collaborative cameo necklace collection and has just been relisted on Etsy. Get yours [Here]

Back to Old School

I love seeing old school coordinates when I scroll through pages like ‘Closet of Frills’ on Facebook. Although I was never really ‘there’, I find myself feeling a bit nostalgic, maybe because that was my first vision of what Lolita fashion is but anyway, I love that it’s coming back into fashion.

 Image result for old school lolita

I love the black x white coords but I also love the simplicity of old school Sweet Lolita and got inspired to make some simple bow headbands in pink and sax.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

Having said that… I kind of want to see OTT sweet come back too. Split wigs, crazy deco… you know the one!

If we could only have one true form of Sweet Lolita, which would you rather, old school or OTT?

Trend Report – Braids, braids, braids!

It’s all about Dutch and French braids this S/S17 and I love it! There is so much you can do with them, they can be as edgy as they can be prim.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Dutch & French Braids

Dior’s Ditch braids are at the back of the head and give an urban feel while Emporio Armani’s double French braids have a traditional, girlish charm.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Dutch & French Braids

I personally love the Jeans Refugees braids. They’ve such a lovely Elven look! Am I the only one feeling a Lord of the Rings vibe?

Having expressed my love for braids, I had my hair cut. There will be no braids for me.

Bunnies aren’t just for Easter!

Since it’s Easter, we’d like to share an old bunny ear headband we made for a client to wear with this print because bunnies aren’t just for Easter!



 This was our first commission which involved ears. First we did a sketch and made the framework using wire and florist tape to secure it.

 The ear shapes were then covered in cotton with a lace trim.

Other embellishments were added once the ears were sturdy including satin bows, foam roses, blue sprays and resin flowers. The back also features bows an the headband itself is wrapped in cotton lace.


Happy Easter!