Flower Power

Back in ‘Flowers fo’ days!’ we shared the process of making our flower crown commission. Today we’re here to share some photos of the final product!

Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: one or more people

We really enjoyed working on this commission! It’s on it’s way to America and really hope our client loves her flower crown and veil!

Thank you for commissioning us!


Flowers fo’ days!

Today I started working on a commission and thought it might be nice to share some work in progress photos!

No automatic alt text available. It all starts off with a simple sketch. Once the client is happy, I make a custom listing on Etsy. I am also happy to take commissions via our Facebook.

After the payment is received, I start buying in the materials needed and get to work!

flower crown wip 1I made the base an inch bigger to allow for the inner measurement changing after all the extra wire and veil are on. It can always be trimmed back down if needs be.

flower crown wip 2 Preventing runaway flower heads!

flower crown wip 3 Crown in progress!

flower crown wip 4 Close up of some of the flowers

 Bonus flowers selfie!

So that’s what we’ve been up to this afternoon in a nutshell! What have you been doing on this super sunny day?


Bunnies aren’t just for Easter!

Since it’s Easter, we’d like to share an old bunny ear headband we made for a client to wear with this print because bunnies aren’t just for Easter!



 This was our first commission which involved ears. First we did a sketch and made the framework using wire and florist tape to secure it.

 The ear shapes were then covered in cotton with a lace trim.

Other embellishments were added once the ears were sturdy including satin bows, foam roses, blue sprays and resin flowers. The back also features bows an the headband itself is wrapped in cotton lace.


Happy Easter!

Trend Report – Big Bows!

Welcome to out Tuesday trend report fixture where we’ll look at what’s going to be all the rage as far as your head is concerned!

S/S17 – Big Bows

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hair Accessory Trends: Big BowsSpring/ Summer 2017 celebrates the elaborate use of big bows, styled in a girlish yet dramatic way, giving a look that is feminine yet bold. Gucci’s model wears a large, structured satin bow right in the centre, just atop the forehead and is possibly one of the bolder, more severe looks while Dolce & Gabbana’s looks are significantly softer.

While I’m not the biggest fan of crazy head eating bows (don’t get me wrong, I like big bows on other people, just not on my own head), I do love that bows are going to be big in a big way!


Here’s a range of bows we’ve previously made, four of which were commissioned. The purple organza bow is one of my all time favourites!

bow selection